Monday, November 7, 2016

End of Blog

Everything runs its course. Seemingly, so do blogs.

So it has at long last come to this; the final entry in the worlds longest-running blog about the 2010 movie.

It has been fun researching the motion picture, it has been fun to talk with the producers of the movie, and it has been both entertaining and educational to find out how things were created in the strange twilight zone on the cusp of the CGI era. While the movie itself has never been regarded as the classic it's predecessor was, it is still a worthy picture. I think this blog stands as ample proof of that.

Standing in the doorway between the analog and the digital, the movie has always been the odd one out; the strange, distant cousin. Watching it one feels the same emotions as one does when cheering for the under-dog: wishing it would be just a tiny bit more profound, just a fraction more engaging, just a little deeper. Just a little bit better.

The fact is it is not.

There is only so much one can say about the film, and I feel everything that can possibly be said about the movie has been said in this blog. There is precious little to add.

This has been entertaining.
This has been fun.

This is the end.

Hey, Peter Hyams, contact me, okay?

End of blog.


  1. Too bad! But you did an OUTSTANDING job. Will you leave the blog online for the time being?

  2. Yes, of course the blog will stay up for as long as it's allowed to.

    Yeah, there's not a lot written about the 2010 movie, and it doesn't have nearly as devoted a fan base as 2001, so there's not much more to be said about it. I will leave this up for the passersby to peruse. Thanks.

  3. What a wonderful resource! Great writing, lots I haven't seen elsewhere, many thanks. May I contact you by email with a question re HAL 9000?

    Gerry Flahive